Sexiness and music only


Perfect combination of video+song by alt-J


A lot like Lars Von Trier on Antichrist this Alt-j’s video…

Song: Breezeblocks

Artist: alt-J



All I need



…estoy pensando que me gustaria despertarme y que fuese Sabado…

que sean las 10 de la mañana y no me duela nada…

que entreabra los ojos y estes tu a mi lado…

que el Sol entre suavemente por la ventana…

que suene esta cancion…

y que no haga falta decirse nada.

You Wish

Artist: Unida

Song: You Wish

Lost in translation

"jesus and mary chain"

Song: Just like Honey

Artist: The Jesus and Mary Chain

BSO: Lost in Translation

Can’t get you off my mind (no matter what I do)

Artist: Moon Boots

Discovered via: @Siglo21

Who said sundays have to be depressing? (Especially not when Snow is involved)

Mike Snow

Artist: Miike Snow

Song: Paddling Out

Album: Happy to You

Genre: Alternative, electronic, dance

More about the artists and Tour

Playground Love — Air

Artist: Air

Movie: The Virgin Suicides

Angus and Julia Stone, Big Jet Plane

"angus and julia stone"

Artist: Angus & Julia Stone

Song: Big Jet Plane

Lana del Rey is Born to Die

"lana del rey"

Artist: Lana del rey

Album: Born to die

Itunes Album

… a bit of an oddity …

Cast on me your own fears,

and so it’ll happen…

you’ll feed them oddness…