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MY song of the week

Action Bronson – “Easy Rider”

According to Wikipedia Bronson is an American hip hop recording artist from Queens, NY (USA).  Born in 1983, before embarking on a career as a rapper, which was originally just a hobby for him, Bronson was a respected gourmet chef in New Your City and hosted his own online cooking show. Almost nothing…

In general, I´m not a hip hop big fan but this song is an exception. Guitars and 70´s alike rock mixed with hip hop results in quite a perfect blend. Plus the video is pretty cool too, don´t you think?

For more info about this rapper I would recommend you this interview (Village Voice).


This Is All Yours is Alt-J´s new album

Not sure if you´re a big fan of Alt-J or not, but I am, and last September the band released their new album This Is All Yours (available now on Spotify, by the way). My first impression? Overall good, same line with  perhaps more guitars and ethnicity.  And I don´t usually  post two videos in a single post,  but I thought this time it was worth  it, watch:

While watching the video I found it visually powerful and somehow tactile… As if I could almost feel the touch of the images… Did it happen to you too or am I just nuts? And did it make you think of Woodkid´s videoclips too? Finally, something a curiosity about this video: This one above is the “Girl´s version” and there is the “Boy version”, that you can watch here.

Anyway, here my other favorite song and videoclip; Hunger Of The Pine. A sort of, how to call it… Hunger Games inspiration?

And if you´re a super geek like me and want to dig more, here you have some further information on Alt-J´s new album This Is All Yours  I found on Wikipedia, and here is the band´s website with details of their new tour.

U2 “The Fly”



This song could perfectly belong to that category of songs that just make you want to get drunk in a bar, loose control and dance. U2´s The Fly was released in1991 as part of the album Achtung Baby (one of my favorite albums ,by the way).

I´ve read on Wikipedia that Bono described the song’s subject as that of a phone call from someone in Hell who enjoys being there and telling the person on the other end of the line what he has learned.  This could very well explain why this song could be categorized as one of that kind of songs I was mentioning above…  Anyway, even if I think that U2 has been doing pretty much rubbish over the past 10 years, it is fair to say that their influence and the quality of some of their albums will always make them a classic, and a band I would always recommend to discover or even to  re-discover.


Time of my life

Artist: Patrick Wolf


Song: Time of my life

Dark shadows, a good movie with an awesome soundtrack

Dark Shadows is a 2012 horror comedy film directed by Tim Burton. Apparently, the movie is based on the gothic soap opera Dark Shadows that was produced for television between 1966 and 1971. If you haven´t seen the movie, watch it.  But if there´s something I would strongly recommend you, that´s its soundtrack; Black Sabbath, Elton John, Barry White, Alice Cooper…. And Sick of You by Iggy Pop and The Stooges is my favorite one.

Goodbye, Betsy, I’m goin’ away | ‘m sick of you and there ain’t no way | Don’t want to know, don’t want to see | Don’t you ever bother me

That´s just the intro, read the full song lyrics here. Sure you´ve also been sick of someone some day, so now you have the perfect song to dedicate to that person.

MSMR Hurricane

" ms mr hurricane"

Artist: MS MR

Song: Hurricane

Album: Candy Bar Creep Show

And if you’re still bleeding, you’re the lucky ones

"daughter band"

Artist: Daughter

Song: Youth

Perfect combination of video+song by alt-J


A lot like Lars Von Trier on Antichrist this Alt-j’s video…

Song: Breezeblocks

Artist: alt-J


New single from The XX ‘s new album Coexist


Artist: The XX

Album: Coexist

The band’s new album, Coexist, will be relased in September 10th / 1tth, Will it have the same success as the previous one (xx) ?


Grinderman – Bellringer Blues


Song lyrics:

I saw my old friend Gabriel |  Down the perimeter ringing the bell | I said hello | Hey man is there something wrong? | Where has everybody gone? | I don’t know | Well I put my hand across my mouth | And I went out, moving slow | What are you doing he said to me | I’m looking for my company | He said don’t bother no

Next thing you know I took a look | Gabe was trying to sell me a book | But i got no dough | He said check it out it’s going cheap| Check it out it’s going cheap | Ok I’ll give it a go | I read that book every page | And then I put it away | Said I don’t think so | It makes slaves of all of womenkind | And corpses of the men | And I just don’t know | And we care a little bit | We get scared a little bit | Oа those two cold dead eyes | That stare a little a bit | And we cry a little bit | And we get by a little bit | Let your tears | All come falling down | Put me on a big white steed! | Ride it it up and down your street! | Wrapped up in a crimson coat! | Sail me in a great big boat! | I’ll sail around the waters for you | Kill your sons and daughters for you!| Put me on a big white horse! | Send me down to Banbury Cross! | It’s okay Joe it’s time to go!