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U2 “The Fly”



This song could perfectly belong to that category of songs that just make you want to get drunk in a bar, loose control and dance. U2´s The Fly was released in1991 as part of the album Achtung Baby (one of my favorite albums ,by the way).

I´ve read on Wikipedia that Bono described the song’s subject as that of a phone call from someone in Hell who enjoys being there and telling the person on the other end of the line what he has learned.  This could very well explain why this song could be categorized as one of that kind of songs I was mentioning above…  Anyway, even if I think that U2 has been doing pretty much rubbish over the past 10 years, it is fair to say that their influence and the quality of some of their albums will always make them a classic, and a band I would always recommend to discover or even to  re-discover.




Ultraviolence – Melanchoy Lana did it again


I was wondering if Lana del Rey, the Nancy Sinatra of the XXI with a well studied retro style, would make it for a second decent album after her successful debut. But If you have a tendency to melancholy Ultraviolence won´t disappoint you. You might want to cut your veins after listening to the album though…

However, if you were not a fan of her before, then don´t even bother.

New single from The XX ‘s new album Coexist


Artist: The XX

Album: Coexist

The band’s new album, Coexist, will be relased in September 10th / 1tth, Will it have the same success as the previous one (xx) ?

Blue Jeans, new video

Artist: Lana del Rey

Wicked games

"wicked games"

Artist: Chris Isaak

Lost in translation

"jesus and mary chain"

Song: Just like Honey

Artist: The Jesus and Mary Chain

BSO: Lost in Translation

This saturday sounds good, like this fricking rockabilly song

Artist: Wild Wax Combo

Genre: Rockabilly / Rock

Fricking: A word used by cowards who are too afraid to say “fucking” (Urban dictionary)

Ah, but remember that the city is a funny place. Something like a circus or a sewer…

Coney Island Baby

Awesome Lyrics

Coney Island Baby

Artist: Lou Reed

Album: Coney Island Baby (1975)

Playground Love — Air

Artist: Air

Movie: The Virgin Suicides

Angus and Julia Stone, Big Jet Plane

"angus and julia stone"

Artist: Angus & Julia Stone

Song: Big Jet Plane