Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By… Lovage


"music to make love"


Artist: Lovage

Style: Triphop

You should listen to… the whole album

Time of my life

"time of my life"

Artist: Patrick Wolf


Song: Time of my life

Dark shadows, a good movie with an awesome soundtrack

"dark shadows"

Song: Sick of you

Artist: Iggy Pop

MSMR Hurricane

" ms mr hurricane"

Artist: MS MR

Song: Hurricane

Album: Candy Bar Creep Show

And if you’re still bleeding, you’re the lucky ones

"daughter band"

Artist: Daughter

Song: Youth

Numb by Gary Clark Jr.

"numb gary clark"

Artist: Gary Clark Jr.

Song: Numb


Perfect combination of video+song by alt-J


A lot like Lars Von Trier on Antichrist this Alt-j’s video…

Song: Breezeblocks

Artist: alt-J


… the matter …

Well longer the wait the longer the lie
The stronger the hate, don’t lose your, oh
Don’t look over here, look over there
Going going going going gone
What’s the matter with you

Man is obsolete – Metal is not

“They say the world was coming to an end… Well..
It was by our own hand.  Turned out the world kept turning, only we ended
All the evidence was there… The punishment of faith creating animosity
between our brethren…
The dissolution of humanity in all cultures… The reluctance of acceptance…
Bigotry, ignorance and
narrow mindedness destroying our world…”

Lyrics (

All I need


…estoy pensando que me gustaria despertarme y que fuese Sabado…

que sean las 10 de la mañana y no me duela nada…

que entreabra los ojos y estes tu a mi lado…

que el Sol entre suavemente por la ventana…

que suene esta cancion…

y que no haga falta decirse nada.